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Christina Sunrise

Born on April 18th  Christina Sunrise, is the defender of the underdog. My alias Christina Sunrise is very personal to me. I write poems about the planet like saving the plant kingdom, our oceans, and wildlife. Being 4th generation Native American I have an affinity to the Gaia –Mother Earth and her creatures. Christina means follower of Christ. I write about Jesus and his word and life. I wrote a poem entitled “When Jesus Spoke” and it is on Sunrise is pronounced in Slavic “Zaria” which means “Morning Star”. I am of Czechoslovakian and Lithuanian decent and one of my cartoon characters names is Suzaria and she has her own solar system named after her. I have a poem that praises our Earth’s morning star in “We Praise You Mother Earth and Sister Sun”. I have written poems to help make a change in people’s thinking, for I feel we are all change agents.

The Philosophy poems I write are written from my observation of the world around us, from reading different books on the subject as well.



Christina means the follower of Christ,

I write poems admiring him and his life.

Now I believe we are all change agents,

I write poems that rant with tangents.

Born in the spring on April eighteenth,

I defend the underdog to the nine degree.

I even wrote a Peeve poem comparing

someone’s actions to a dog’s flea.

Being 4th generation Native American,

I dance to “Cherokee Nation Will Return” again and again.

Now I write poems to bring awareness and change,

to help people see another standpoint that’s not the same.

The name Sunrise is Zaria in Slavic meaning Morning Star,

I write a poem to worship our Sun on Earth from a far.

I used to live on the Street named Sunrise,

middle name Christina came together with it just fine.

Written by Christina Sunrise on October 10, 2011.


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