Poet for Jesus Christ

Christina Sunrise

When we get arrested we have to immediately
pay to get out…
We have to pay a lawyer to win without a doubt.
We are “guilty” until proven innocent
no matter what they say—
We have pay with money or we won’t see the light of day.
The defense attorney has to prove your innocence—
while the prosecuting attorney is on the other side of the fence.
Making money for the state by probation, or fines
this is happening all the time.
WE have to think up a better way
for the way the system of Justice is run on this present day.


In Miami and cities along the coast

children are picking up garbage

for Mother Earth needs are help the most.

We all need to use our hands

to pick up trash off the land.

It will one day land in the sea

it will ruin sea life ecology.


For if one day

it all comes our way–

with a big giant hurricane.

Spreading around garbage from town to town

if nobody picks up-

the ocean can rebound.

See, aquatic life dies every day–

from the trash we throw away.

Away on the streets of Florida and L.A.

Please help clean up the Beach

and the streets–

This all gets in our waterways

which will eventually come back

to us some day.

Written by Christina Sunrise on September 3, 2015


Colin Kaepernick may have started the kneeling in protest of America ‘s national

anthem, but Stephen Martin, owner of Prime Time Sports in Colorado Springs

Colorado, has started a patriotic rising unlike anything that’s ever been done before

Martin first took a stand when NFL player Brandon Marshall refused to stand

for the anthem.   Immediately, Martin canceled Marshall ‘s scheduled autograph

signing event in his store.  But he wasn’t done.   He replaced the star’s event

with something entirely different in his store, and in one week, it has grown to

epic proportions that he can hardly even keep up with now.

He put out a post on Facebook, respectfully disagreeing with the disrespect of the

nation’s flag and anthem, then proceeded to explain just what the flag means to him,

and the sacrifice of all the men and women who have fought for it.     Martin invited

people to send photos of their loved ones who are veterans, in active service, or who

have been injured or given their lives in the line of duty.

The photos started pouring in from all across the country, and as fast as they were

emailed, Martin printed them off and taped them to his store front window.  Americans

are sharing their photos and stories on his Facebook page, as well as sending to him

through email, and each day he has posted photos of the progress.



“I shiver and I feel scared inside

When our family has to hide.

Hide inside the house all day

Because there might be a scary


I know they will take my

Close relative away.

These big men wearing green

I hear they have guns and are mean.

I fear I will get shot-

Or mommy too”.

Mommy says, “Hide

Under that bed-

Cover your head!

Don’t talk or move-

till I tell you what to do!”

“I can’t go to church today

That is where my family and me pray.

I pray now for my family and me-

I hope tomorrow is better than today

For now I’m scared and I afraid.”


Written by Suzae Chevalier on October 1, 2016


A hug is more powerful than a gun
It makes receiver HAPPIER
No harm done.
We need to focus with deliberate
What we want our nation to look like
How our money is spent.
Is it spent on guns or is it spent
On fun?
People see no gun crime
They all use their inner divine.
No honking at cars
going by-
No shootings and
or road rage-
Instead Everyone waves.

For WE have found a better way
By imagining a brighter image
Of the people of the US of A.
WE don’t need to build a wall
For in the end
It will FALL.
We need to build Bridges
And help UNITE
All the Races with a smile not a fight.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 29, 2016


We live in a society where guilty is of the norm
this is bad for the soul for we do more harm.
Teaching kids to be accountable is easier to understand
they know what their actions did first hand.
We can be feel guilty without committing the crime
we can even go to jail innocent which is why-
We need to rewrite the belief system
for things have gotten out of hand
Average Americans don’t know that are losing
Rights in their mother land.
Yes, its’s you against the State
which is bigger than you and me-
We have to start being accountable
for that is how the Law will be written
both in emotionally, mental and in the physicality.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on August 23, 2016


We can’t let Alaska get away with its brutal and reckless scheme of targeting wolves with pups and bears with cubs on our national wildlife refuges – all to artificially inflate game numbers to benefit hunters.

It’s wrong. And it must be stopped.

Please, won’t you donate today to help us fight for the wildlife and wild lands we all love?


I bet you’re going to be as angry as I am when you hear this news.

The state of Alaska wants to kill wolves, bears and other wildlife by baiting, snaring and shooting mother bears with cubs and wolves with pups. And they want to do it on national wildlife refuges!

It must be stopped.

Your compassionate donation will help save wolves and other wildlife you love.

As if it couldn’t get more despicable – Alaska officials want to undertake these lethal “predator control” measures in order to artificially inflate moose and other game animal numbers to benefit hunters!

Alaska’s cruel scheme would permit:

  • Killing wolves and pups during the spring and summer “denning” season;
  • Gunning down mother bears and their cubs;
  • Baiting and snaring any black or brown bear or cub; and
  • Aerial shooting of bears and wolves by state agency personnel.

How could the state even contemplate activities like these on America’s refuges?

Suzae, thanks to you and other stalwart wildlife lovers, Defenders has been at the forefront of efforts to protect wolves and other wildlife from irresponsible hunting, development and other threats.

Your urgent donation today will make a difference.

Thanks for all your help.


Jamie Rappaport Clark
President, Defenders of Wildlife

Thanks so much for all you do.




Thousands of sea lions will suffer starvation and death if the world’s largest single species fishery is allowed to crash. And that crash could happen soon.

But not on our watch! Opening Oceana’s new office in Peru couldn’t have come at a better time.

Dr. Majluf, who emailed Monday, and Oceana are fervently working to avoid overfishing before the Peruvian anchoveta fishery crashes and sea lions, the entire food web and the many thousands of Peruvians who depend on this fishery suffer the consequences.

Every single day and every single donation makes a difference in the race to prevent disaster. Can you support Oceana in Peru’s rapid response efforts to stop overfishing with a donation right now?

Thousands of sea lions at risk of starvation. World's largest fishery on the verge of collapse. Donate.
This El Niño year and overfishing are having a huge impact on Peruvian anchoveta catches, yet the plan is to continue fishing as if everything was fine. That’s a recipe for disaster.

The Peruvian anchoveta may be little fish, but they make a big impact. Sea lions and other treasured ocean animals depend on anchoveta for food, and thousands of Peruvians depend on maintaining a sustainable catch for their livelihood.

Oceana’s new Peru office is urgently advocating for the government to institute science-based catch limits before it’s too late.

Donate before midnight on Saturday to support Oceana in Peru’s pressing work to protect the anchoveta fishery >>

Sea lions, dolphins and other ocean animals need food, and we’re taking too much of it from them. Up to 98 percent of Peru’s annual anchoveta catch is inefficiently reduced to fish oil and fishmeal products used as feed for animals rather than eaten as is.

By changing how we think about small fish like anchoveta, we can provide healthy meals for millions of the world’s poorest people and leave enough in the ocean for sea lions to thrive.

Dr. Majluf has been working to create a more sustainable future for anchoveta for years. Now with Oceana, she and her team are on the verge of a major break-through.

Be a part of restoring our oceans by making change in the world’s largest fishing nation with a donation now >>

Alex GrayFor the oceans,
Alex Gray
Digital Campaigner

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Momentum is building in our campaign to ban private for-profit prisons.

In the past few weeks, more than 168,000 activists have joined you in signing our petition urging Congress to ban private, for-profit prisons by passing Senator Bernie Sanders’ Justice Is Not For Sale Act. Just last week, Secretary Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign released a statement promising that, “as president, [Clinton] will end private prisons and private immigrant detention centers.”1

Now we need to keep up the pressure on Congress to pass the Justice Is Not For Sale Act and ban private prisons once and for all. Can you help us reach 175,000 signatures before we deliver the petition to Congress next week?

Click here to share this action with your friends and family via email, Facebook, or Twitter. Or just forward the e-mail below.

Thank you for speaking out to ban for-profit private prisons.

– Heidi

P.S. You can go directly to our petition to Congress by clicking here.

  1. Hillary Clinton to stop accepting money from private prison lobbyists ,” Fusion, October 23, 2015.



Sen. Bernie Sanders just introduced a bill to end one of the biggest contributors to America’s broken criminal justice system: private, corporate-run, for-profit prisons.1

Today, the U.S. has the highest incarceration rate in the world, and poor people and people of color suffer the most at the hands of our out-of-control incarceration industry.2 That’s partly because the corporations that operate for-profit prisons are primarily concerned with their bottom lines. To maximize profits, those corporations advocate for increased incarcerations and unreasonably strict parole and release laws. And they win.

Corporations should not be able to profit from mass incarceration. The Justice Is Not For Sale Act, introduced by Sen. Sanders and Rep. Raul Grijalva, bars federal, state, and local governments from contracting with private prisons. We need to come out in strong support of this bill.

Tell Congress: Ban private for-profit prisons. Click here to sign the petition.

Out of the 1.6 million people incarcerated in 2013, over 8 percent of them were in private prisons. Reports show that inmates in these facilities suffer worse conditions, including more assaults and higher recidivism.3, 4 For-profit prisons are also incentivized to advocate for laws that reduce basic rights, benefits, and entitlements inmates receive while in prison.

And when for-profit prison corporations lobby for harsh laws that lead to more incarcerations, incarceration rates rise throughout the entire U.S. correctional system, leaving taxpayers to foot the bill for maintaining the highest incarceration rate in the world.

In addition to banning private prisons, the Justice Is Not For Sale Act would enact a number of other measures to address mass incarceration. One would eliminate the mandatory bed quotas that require U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to hold an average of 34,000 individuals in detention on a daily basis. Another would restore the federal parole system. The abolition of the federal parole system was a major factor in the explosion of the federal prison population since 1980, and makes it impossible for federal prisoners to access parole boards that can look individually at their sentences.

Sign the petition now and tell Congress to get behind a bill that provides real solutions to America’s mass incarceration crisis.

Tell Congress: Ban private for-profit prisons. Click the link below to sign the petition:


Thank you for your activism.

Heidi Hess, Campaign Manager
CREDO Action from Working Assets


  1. John Wagner, “Sanders to push a plan to ban private companies from running prisons,” The Washington Post, September 17, 2015.
  2. U.S. Has World’s Highest Incarceration Rate,” Population Reference Bureau, August 2012.
  3. Emerging Issues on Privatized Justice,” U.S. Department of Justice, February 2001.
  4. The effects of private prison confinement in Minnesota on offender recidivism,” Minnesota Department of Corrections, March 2013.


Make History for Our Oceans

Click here to add your name now.

Add your name by Tuesday, Sept. 15 to protect ocean treaures before it’s too late >>

You have an historic opportunity, but it expires after Tuesday, September 15.

The Obama Administration is considering establishing the first ever marine national monuments in the Atlantic Ocean. But they need your support now to make it happen >>

The New England coral canyons and seamounts and Cashes Ledge are home to fragile and ancient deep-sea coral communities, a diverse range of ocean life, and highly productive marine ecosystems.

But new pressures to expand offshore drilling and bottom-destroying fishing methods now threaten these natural treasures off New England.

Overwhelming public support is needed to convince the Obama Administration to protect these treasures forever.

Tell President Obama to designate the New England coral canyons and seamounts and Cashes Ledge as Marine National Monuments >>

These unique seascapes need permanent federal protection.

The New England coral canyons and seamounts and Cashes Ledge remain largely pristine and untouched by human disturbance. These areas are home to fragile and ancient deep-sea coral communities that provide food, spawning habitat and shelter for an array of sea life. The waters above teem with life, including whales, sea turtles and seabirds.

It is important that these thriving biodiversity hot spots are granted Marine National Monument status, Suzanna.

Time is short – Add your name by Tuesday, Sept. 15 to help protect these ocean treasures >>

Thanks for adding your voice. From helping fight ocean acidification to protecting fish spawning habitat, the benefits of establishing these new Marine National Monuments abound. Now we just need to act!

For the oceans,
Lora Snyder
Ocean Advocate

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