Change Agent Poet

Christina Sunrise



The soul of mother Earth

Works to bring her harmony

To rid her of our destructions

That we put on her with our greed

She hears our thoughts and doesn’t like how it feels,

The hurricanes will cleanse her waters of her impurities.

Her storms are crying pleas

Please respect all life that lives on me,

She wants us to work together as one with her and everyone.

Copyright 2010 Christina Sunrise


Add to the collective

consciousness with

happiness and glee

not suffering and misery.

We have only 24 hrs in a day–

let’s take 10 minutes and pray.

Pray for the people across the seas-

they are suffering more than you and me.

for they might be headed for catastrophe.

Praying is free.

Written by Christina Sunrise Feb.25, 2011


Your Power Animal has been at your side
just like your angels and your guides.
The ‘spirit’ of your Power Animal can
help you in time of need
You must of course find out from a read…
I read people’s Power Animals with Crow
Crow always Knows…
He helps bring me to the underground
that is where your Power Animal can be found.
I blow your Power Animal into your heart
also your crown chakra to keep you connected
from the start.
You have to believe in other dimensions
and befriend your Power Animal like a friend
your Power Animal exists to help you
on Earth till your end.

Written by Christina Sunrise on July 14,2014

No matter if you are in jail, prison or on the outside
We are all one big family, you can’t deny-
from the same God no matter what the crime
We are all one consciousness in space and time.
We all affect each other with our thoughts everyday
You can not not affect another no matter what you say.
Light beings just see us as a “Sea of Light”
there is no separation even if you do not have the sight.
Have the sight of a light being that is What You Are
if you knew what they see-
They see you are light like a Shining Star.
Think the highest thought of inmates-
We are all connected no matter what.
Hope and pray for better jail environments.
This is for the inmates who have no more choice
By being someone on “the outside”
that gives them a voice.

Written by Christina Sunrise on May 2011

In the higher dimensions
woman are respected bar none
We have to realize woman are the source
where everything is from.
The Goddess of a trillion dimensions
is the One…
that with her divinity
can make a sun-
for a million solar systems…
and her works not done.
so Respect the Feminine
that means Woman.

Written by Christina Sunrise on June 19,2014


If the planet had no humans EARTH

there would be no pollution

under the sun.

There would be no wars

with guns

There would be no


There would be no

Child abuse

There would be no

Killers running loose.

There would be no

Oil spills by greed

There be no words

like “mean”.

Just think if we learned

our lessons before we died

looked out through

other people’s Eyes

Maybe we would realize

and rebuild the planet’s dream

to be like animals in a team.

Written by Christina Sunrise on April 11, 2011


Birds bring you love and light,
they are happy to fly around you
day or night, If human were more like birds
there would be only joyful words.
Yes, birds are happy as can be,
singing praise to Mother Earth so joyfully,
while flying from tree to tree.
How nice it would be if everyone was more
like birds so happy and carefree,
having loving thoughts and words for
each human they see.

Written by Christina Sunrise on 7/27/2010 & updated 12/10/2010