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We need to ban together

to make

a New U.S. of A.

to have more tolerance

for all people of today.

Let your goodwill shine

We need more love

in these upheaval times.

We can write a new story

that say’s what we want to see

Were everyone is FREE.

Free from having to worry

is it us against them?

Our government is:

We the People

who are ALL


We need to see that

We are all connected

needs to heal and unite

we don’t need fight

We will change Our Ways

of how are PLANET

will BE in these last days.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on November 11, 2016


Suzae Chevalier poses at the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival 2016 for UniCandle unicorn’s website.


Hippy Days are back again-

so that the everyone can be friends.

Spreading the love around the sun

UniCandle unicorn’s work has just begun.

His “Love Flame” has the light

to make dreams of children

happy and bright.

All the children get along

bring US Together going strong.

With “All for One and One for All”

We stand Together or We Fall.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 8, 2016