Change Agent Poet

Earth Ecology

Plants are a marvelous species—
With a compassion for other plants
They will let the plant grow
on them and won’t
Go to war or even rant.
They will protect us from
The sun and the cold.
They will be our favorite
Apple tree until we are old.
They let birds have a nest.
They even let woodpeckers peck.
They don’t even fight when we
Nail into them.
The baby opossum’s
Hang upside down—
The tree likes all
Animals I have found.
So if we humans
Had once ounce
Of wisdom like a tree
The world would be
A way better place to be.
Written by Christina Sunrise on July 30, 2015


Birds, birds everywhere
flying through the sky without care.
Reminding us how graceful life can be
as they fly from tree to tree.
Singing so very happily-reminding us how to be free.

Free from all negativity.

Written by Christina Sunrise on June 3, 2011

There are no politicians in a society that is highly evolved,
everyone is conscious of each other so there are no laws.
In God’s world there are no 10 commandments which human Beings make,
we took are our physical experience of the world and wrote it on a rock plate.
There are no right or wrongs, for your killer might be your Saint,
but you would have to know what the soul who moved on tried to paint.
So judge no person, situation, event or thing,
just look at it as is and the best for the Being.

Written By Christina Sunrise on December 18,2011


I visualize people being sick healed.

I visualize orphan children having a loving home now.

I visualize everyone being feed, sheltered with heat and love.

I visualize all guns be gone and everyone at peace.

I visualize all animals and creatures of Mother Earth treated with respect and no killing.

I visualize all plants kingdoms being protected from deforestation.

I visualize a clean ocean and no more pollution on the beaches of Mother Earth.

I visualize no pollution on the streets of all cities and nations.

I visualize everyone picking up trash when they see it and not throwing trash on Mother Earth.

Just Visualize the difference you can make.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 3, 2015


The soul of mother Earth

Works to bring her harmony

To rid her of our destructions

That we put on her with our greed

She hears our thoughts and doesn’t like how it feels,

The hurricanes will cleanse her waters of her impurities.

Her storms are crying pleas

Please respect all life that lives on me,

She wants us to work together as one with her and everyone.

Copyright 2010 Christina Sunrise


If the planet had no humans EARTH

there would be no pollution

under the sun.

There would be no wars

with guns

There would be no


There would be no

Child abuse

There would be no

Killers running loose.

There would be no

Oil spills by greed

There be no words

like “mean”.

Just think if we learned

our lessons before we died

looked out through

other people’s Eyes

Maybe we would realize

and rebuild the planet’s dream

to be like animals in a team.

Written by Christina Sunrise on April 11, 2011

Tell President Obama: No Offshore Drilling in the Atlantic and Arctic

Oil spills could soon scar the United States East Coast and Arctic Ocean, if we don’t speak up. The Obama administration has released its draft five-year plan for oil and gas development on the Outer Continental Shelf, and huge swaths of the Atlantic Ocean and Arctic Ocean are included for potential development.

Once drilling starts, so will the spilling – toxic oil contaminating our oceans, harming wildlife and ocean-dependent industries. The specter of a disaster like BP Deepwater Horizon would loom large.

And all of this suffering is completely unnecessary. An Oceana report released earlier this month showed that offshore wind in the Atlantic would produce twice as much energy and twice as many jobs as offshore drilling. The Arctic’s harsh conditions have proved companies are not ready to operate safely there with some even walking away from leases they bought over the last decade.

We must act now to keep the threat of new offshore drilling from becoming a reality.

Make your voice heard – Sign our petition to tell President Obama to keep new offshore drilling out of the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. Oceana will submit this petition and your signature to the five-year plan’s comment period.

Dear President Obama, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Director Abigail Ross Hopper,

Please do not permit offshore drilling for oil in the Atlantic Ocean off the United States East Coast or in the United States Arctic Ocean as currently proposed in the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s (BOEM) draft 2017 to 2022 Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil and Gas Leasing Program.

The Atlantic Ocean has long been spared from the dangerous threats posed by offshore drilling and must retain these important protections. Drilling in the Atlantic would expose marine wildlife, and important industries that depend on healthy oceans, to unprecedented risk. As many as 138,000 dolphins and whales could be harmed by seismic blasting. Once drilling begins, spills will inevitably follow.

The effects of the BP disaster are still being felt in the Gulf. And the root causes of this tragedy are still largely unresolved. To needlessly expose the East Coast to the threat of oil extraction and spills is short-sighted and irresponsible. Oil spills do not follow state lines. Offshore drilling and the risk of spills in any of the proposed states, is a risk to neighboring states even if they do not want drilling.

Oceana released a report earlier this month that showed offshore wind in the Atlantic would produce twice as much energy and twice as many jobs as offshore drilling. The risks posed by new drilling are simply not worth it.

Past efforts to explore for offshore oil and gas in the Arctic Ocean has put our oceans at risk, led to controversy, litigation, government investigations, and near disaster. There is no good reason to continue down that path by selling even more leases in the Arctic Ocean. Companies are not ready to operate safely, have not explored the leases they already own, and many have walked away from leases they bought over the last decade.

I applaud the President’s action to protect Hanna Shoal and coastal areas along the Chukchi Sea and in the Beaufort Sea. However, in the context of offering additional offshore leases for drilling these sound actions will not be adequate to protect the Arctic Ocean from harm or the devastating impacts of an oil spill.

Please remove the Atlantic and the Arctic oceans from the proposed five-year oil and gas leasing program on the Outer Continental Shelf.


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