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Oil and water do not mix,
this oil slick has no quick fix.
The dark black goo not only affects me and you,
but SEA LIFE in our OCEANS too.

We must STAND UP for all LIFE under the SEA,
or there won’t be any left in our ECOLOGY.

Save the OCEANS and save the SEAS,

This oil mess was made by greed,
we must take the LEAD
in cleaning up the GULFSTREAM.

We must STAND TOGETHER all of as ONE,
as one people UNITED under the SUN.

This is our PLANET that we all SHARE,
with other LIVING creatures
WHO need our LOVE and CARE.

We must pray for the sea’s mammals, fishes and BIRDS too.
We must all PRAY TOGETHER me and YOU.

Save the OCEANS and save the SEAS,
for the SEA CREATURES to have a DESTINY.

By Suzae Chevalier

Copyright 2010 Chevalier Originals, Inc

As sure as the sun rises in the east
and sets in the west-
Jesus Christ will make sure he saves the best-
For his eyes are tired from the sin he knows Jesus

will rule-

but before he will get rid of the fools.
He knows who honors his commandments

first hand–
he will bring fire to all of earth’s land
He knows everyone’s wicked past deeds
men from all the nations, people of every
Jesus Christ knows every human being who walked

the earth,

all who are not saved will go back in the dirt.
He knows who is saved and the ones who disobeyed.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on November 23, 2016

Updated May 25, 2018


In Miami and cities along the coast

children are picking up garbage

for Mother Earth needs are help the most.

We all need to use our hands

to pick up trash off the land.

It will one day land in the sea

it will ruin sea life ecology.


For if one day

it all comes our way–

with a big giant hurricane.

Spreading around garbage from town to town

if nobody picks up-

the ocean can rebound.

See, aquatic life dies every day–

from the trash we throw away.

Away on the streets of Florida and L.A.

Please help clean up the Beach

and the streets–

This all gets in our waterways

which will eventually come back

to us some day.

Written by Christina Sunrise on September 3, 2015


Suzae Chevalier poses at the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival 2016 for UniCandle unicorn’s website.


Hippy Days are back again-

so that the everyone can be friends.

Spreading the love around the sun

UniCandle unicorn’s work has just begun.

His “Love Flame” has the light

to make dreams of children

happy and bright.

All the children get along

bring US Together going strong.

With “All for One and One for All”

We stand Together or We Fall.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on March 8, 2016


In cities along the coasts
people brag about having the most.
Large houses with giant hedges galore
people admire these mansions for
these people have more.
But really what is it all for?
If one day
it all goes away–
with a big giant hurricane.
Spreading around garbage from their town
nobody picks up–for they are too good
for this I have found.
Aquatic life dies every day–
from the trash we throw away.
Away on the streets of Florida and L.A.
Please help clean up the Beach
and the streets–
This all gets in our waterways
which will eventually come back
to us some day.

Written by Christina Sunrise on September 3, 2015


Have you ever contemplated about a tree?
How strong, beautiful and sturdy?
That they stand during all of the seasons
they are just there to just be…
they are not like humans with reasons…
to be…
Their branches are like our limbs
they are more like us then bugs who have wings.
We mostly die laying down.
Trees die standing up, up, up…
unless they fall down…
by lighting or a human’s hand
they only have good emotions I understand
stand, stand, stand…
More humans should be like trees
who are bringers of light…
they help us on the planet with our life
for they have feelings so treat them right.
So acknowledge them day and night.

Written by Christina Sunrise on July 3,2014

Plants are a marvelous species—
With a compassion for other plants
They will let the plant grow
on them and won’t
Go to war or even rant.
They will protect us from
The sun and the cold.
They will be our favorite
Apple tree until we are old.
They let birds have a nest.
They even let woodpeckers peck.
They don’t even fight when we
Nail into them.
The baby opossum’s
Hang upside down—
The tree likes all
Animals I have found.
So if we humans
Had once ounce
Of wisdom like a tree
The world would be
A way better place to be.
Written by Christina Sunrise on July 30, 2015


Birds, birds everywhere
flying through the sky without care.
Reminding us how graceful life can be
as they fly from tree to tree.
Singing so very happily-reminding us how to be free.

Free from all negativity.

Written by Christina Sunrise on June 3, 2011

There are no politicians in a society that is highly evolved,
everyone is conscious of each other so there are no laws.
In God’s world there are no 10 commandments which human Beings make,
we took are our physical experience of the world and wrote it on a rock plate.
There are no right or wrongs, for your killer might be your Saint,
but you would have to know what the soul who moved on tried to paint.
So judge no person, situation, event or thing,
just look at it as is and the best for the Being.

Written By Christina Sunrise on December 18,2011


I visualize people being sick healed.

I visualize orphan children having a loving home now.

I visualize everyone being feed, sheltered with heat and love.

I visualize all guns be gone and everyone at peace.

I visualize all animals and creatures of Mother Earth treated with respect and no killing.

I visualize all plants kingdoms being protected from deforestation.

I visualize a clean ocean and no more pollution on the beaches of Mother Earth.

I visualize no pollution on the streets of all cities and nations.

I visualize everyone picking up trash when they see it and not throwing trash on Mother Earth.

Just Visualize the difference you can make.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 3, 2015