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September 14, 2016

Dear Honorable Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,

I sent this email below to President Obama, The First Lady, all of the Senators, and Governors. I emailed you this email below on October 13th. These suggestions below can affect the American people. These concepts can change the course of how our Great Country, the United States of America will run to protect its American citizens.

I am writing you this email to suggest four new laws that protect the identities of American citizens from mug shots being used on the internet/social media and to have these laws be placed into action by lawmakers.

First Law: I believe for the American Citizen mug shots are a human rights violation. First and foremost, no mug shot should be taken of an innocent American citizen before trial. Fingerprints should be the means for identifying the citizen at time of arrest. There should be a law against mug shots being taken of American citizens until proven guilty, unless acts of violence that cause detrimental consequences to the person(s) they harm.

Second Law: Websites on the internet should not demand that American citizens pay exuberant amounts to take mug shots off their websites. There should be a law that no website should display mug shots to the American people/worldwide and also extort money out of innocent American citizens to have mug shots removed from their websites.

Third Law: American citizens can only be placed in correctional facilities on the basis of “Actual Evidence” not “Probable Cause”. I would like to suggest the law should be rectified to say “Actual Evidence”. As an American citizen the statement of “Innocent to Proven Guilty” should be changed to “Innocent to Proven Accountable”. Guilt is an emotion, not an action.

Fourth Law: I would also like to suggest that the media should not place American citizens on their news/websites or in their newspapers until American citizen has been proven guilty in court. When media run articles or do a televised report on television they are actually committing perjury and slandering the American citizen’s name. This has harmed many small business people and individuals from generating money for their families and themselves. Exceptions to this would when be the media televising unless acts of violence by individuals that cause detrimental consequences to the person(s) they harm.

I look forward to great reform being made in the Criminal Justice System. Thank you Hillary Clinton for taking the time to read this email.

Suzae Chevalier


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