Change Agent Poet


We have to make a stand on November 10th
for the Native Americans.
They have sacred land
which is to honored
as the cemeteries of the White Man.
On November 10th last year,
I did a Pow Wow honoring the ancestors;
these Pioneers.
Yes, they were the Pioneers of North America
We can not forget
there homes where taken
with no regret-
By the side that
had all their pride.
They ravaged their lives
it’s time now to turn the tide.
Now we must pay homage
and honor them this day-
with a ceremony which you
offer a gift and send a pray their way.
The reservations are now filled with drugs
We need to see how this affects all of us.
WE need to Respect their Land
Their People
on the tenth of November
it is a day to Remember.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on September 13, 2016

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