Christina Sunrise

Change Agent Poet


Like the 100th monkey that started a trend…

he washed his banana and it never did end.

All the monkeys starting washing their bananas like a domino affect…

that is how things get started in the hologram net.

We are inter-dimensional beings and its time to remember again…

That we create our reality–

from what we project and agree

what we see.

Written by Christina Sunrise on February 28, 2014


Birds, birds everywhere
flying through the sky without care.
Reminding us how graceful life can be
as they fly from tree to tree.
Singing so very happily-reminding us how to be free.

Free from all negativity.

Written by Christina Sunrise on June 3, 2011

In the higher dimensions
woman are respected bar none
We have to realize woman are the source
where everything is from.
The Goddess of a trillion dimensions
is the One…
that with her divinity
can make a sun-
for a million solar systems…
and her works not done.
so Respect the Feminine
that means Woman.

Written by Christina Sunrise on June 19,2014


It’s been five years since the BP oil spill disaster first devastated wetlands, beaches, and wildlife habitats in the Gulf; and the impacts are still far from over.
A recent study found that the highest number of bottlenose dolphin strandings between 2010 and early 2013 took place in areas most impacted by the 2010 BP oil spill.
Earlier this year, a Louisiana federal judge ruled that BP face a potential fine of $13.7 billion for the devastation caused by their oil disaster in the Gulf. However, there is no guarantee those fines will go toward the restoration of habitats for species like the bottlenose dolphin.
It’s up to people like you to make sure the BP’s fines from the Gulf oil disaster go toward real environmental and community restoration, not corporate development in fragile areas.
Send a message telling the Department of Commerce to make sure BP’s Gulf oil disaster fines are used for restoring Gulf wildlife, ecosystems and communities!

  1. Complete the form below with your information.
  2. Personalize your message if you wish.
  3. Click the Send Your Message button to send your message to Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker.


If JIM where here right NOW

Everyone would take a BOW


For defending his special girl

NAMED Sue-Z… aka Puppet LADY.


By punching men who gave Sue-Z grief.


Who’s BETTER than all the men

he’s ever fought,



For JIM has MORE GUTS and BALLS at 76—

to KICK your ASS without a FLINCH.

Yes, NO more words like “whore”

would be SPOKEN at the RUMSHACK

for he’ld have your Head and then your ASS–

and it doesn’t matter if your Green, White or Black.

For once JIM was PISSED OFF there was NO turning BACK.

And after JIM was through his SON would come IN

for he’s a GENTLEMAN just like JIM.

Oh, how I WISH JIM was HERE



Written by Suzae Chevalier on April 18, 2010

There are no politicians in a society that is highly evolved,
everyone is conscious of each other so there are no laws.
In God’s world there are no 10 commandments which human Beings make,
we took are our physical experience of the world and wrote it on a rock plate.
There are no right or wrongs, for your killer might be your Saint,
but you would have to know what the soul who moved on tried to paint.
So judge no person, situation, event or thing,
just look at it as is and the best for the Being.

Written By Christina Sunrise on December 18,2011

Don’t mine sacred Native American land in Arizona.

In what many believe is a first in U.S. history, Congress has decided to give away a sacred Native American site to a massive foreign mining company.1 We’re joining a last ditch effort to save this land before copper mining begins and this land is irreversibly destroyed.

Republicans in Arizona have been attempting for years to trade away the beautiful national forest lands at Oak Flat in Arizona, which are considered holy by the Apache tribe. And until recently, they’ve failed for lack of support. But last December, in a deeply cynical and undemocratic move, Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake snuck last minute language into a must-pass defense bill transferring the land directly to the Rio Tinto mining company.2

Apache tribal leaders are planning a caravan to Washington, D.C. this month to protest this outrageous land giveaway. We’re joining thousands of activists to help amplify their message and pressure Congress to stop the Apache land grab.

Sign the petition: Stop the Apache land grab and protect Native American holy land from copper mining.

It’s hard to imagine politicians in Washington making the same deal for this land if it were considered sacred and holy by any other major religious group. But it’s sadly in keeping with a history of Native American mistreatment and dislocation.

And this land isn’t just important to the local Apache tribe – it’s important to historians, archaeologists, and all Americans who care about preserving a crucial piece of U.S. and Native American culture. When asked about the significance of the land at Oak Flat, a professor at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, Canada stated, “this is the best set of Apache archaeological sites ever documented, period, full stop.”3

Foreign-owned mining giant Rio Tinto has repeatedly sought control of this copper-rich land over the past decade, lobbying Congress more than a dozen times since 2005.4 And it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Senators McCain and Flake were behind this unprecedented corporate giveaway. McCain has received campaign contributions from Rio Tinto subsidiaries for years, and Flake – before being elected to Congress – actually lobbied for a Rio Tinto subsidiary in support of a massive uranium mine in Namibia.

We need to fight back against this deeply undemocratic move and show Washington that Americans won’t stand by as our legislative process is twisted and sold off to the highest bidder.

Sign the petition: Protect Native American holy land from mining.

Thank you for your activism.

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I visualize people being sick healed.

I visualize orphan children having a loving home now.

I visualize everyone being feed, sheltered with heat and love.

I visualize all guns be gone and everyone at peace.

I visualize all animals and creatures of Mother Earth treated with respect and no killing.

I visualize all plants kingdoms being protected from deforestation.

I visualize a clean ocean and no more pollution on the beaches of Mother Earth.

I visualize no pollution on the streets of all cities and nations.

I visualize everyone picking up trash when they see it and not throwing trash on Mother Earth.

Just Visualize the difference you can make.

Written by Suzae Chevalier on July 3, 2015



The soul of mother Earth

Works to bring her harmony

To rid her of our destructions

That we put on her with our greed

She hears our thoughts and doesn’t like how it feels,

The hurricanes will cleanse her waters of her impurities.

Her storms are crying pleas

Please respect all life that lives on me,

She wants us to work together as one with her and everyone.

Copyright 2010 Christina Sunrise