Christina Sunrise

Change Agent Poet

When we get arrested we have to immediately
pay to get out…
We have to pay a lawyer to win without a doubt.
We are “guilty” until proven innocent
no matter what they say—
We have pay with money or we won’t see the light of day.
The defense attorney has to prove your innocence—
while the prosecuting attorney is on the other side of the fence.
Making money for the state by probation, or fines
this is happening all the time.
WE have to think up a better way
for the way the system of Justice is run on this present day.

Written by Christina Sunrise in 2013                       image_justice



Children learn how to play games,
to survive and get our way
but there is got to be a better “way”.
For why should a child have
to “play” an adult to get it’s way?
We set it up like that thinking
we will turn them into a brat.
but that is not where it should be at.
That is not like Sri Amma Bhagavan’s school,
if most of the world only knew.
Now why can’t kid’s be free to
Experience everything?
Treat them like a Prince, a Queen
or a King?
We make up rules and
stupid laws,
to make us like cattle
just because.
We are afraid
we’ll lose control
control of a child?
I don’t think so.
Children are emotional beings
till at least eight,
why not let them “experience”
life and make them feel great?
They “play mind” games
like the adults do,
but they learn from us I believe that’s true.
We use the word “no”
as a form of control.
We don’t know any better,
we were taught the Planetary dream,
making a child feel guilty,
and then feel demeaned.
Now “no” can be changed
around to be a “yes”
now the child “feels” love
and feels like the best.
Now of course you wouldn’t
let your child do something
harmful that’s true,
but I’m talking about “Can
the child have the red book
over the one that’s “blue”.

Christina C Sunrise :

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