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Thousands of sea lions will suffer starvation and death if the world’s largest single species fishery is allowed to crash. And that crash could happen soon.

But not on our watch! Opening Oceana’s new office in Peru couldn’t have come at a better time.

Dr. Majluf, who emailed Monday, and Oceana are fervently working to avoid overfishing before the Peruvian anchoveta fishery crashes and sea lions, the entire food web and the many thousands of Peruvians who depend on this fishery suffer the consequences.

Every single day and every single donation makes a difference in the race to prevent disaster. Can you support Oceana in Peru’s rapid response efforts to stop overfishing with a donation right now?

Thousands of sea lions at risk of starvation. World's largest fishery on the verge of collapse. Donate.
This El Niño year and overfishing are having a huge impact on Peruvian anchoveta catches, yet the plan is to continue fishing as if everything was fine. That’s a recipe for disaster.

The Peruvian anchoveta may be little fish, but they make a big impact. Sea lions and other treasured ocean animals depend on anchoveta for food, and thousands of Peruvians depend on maintaining a sustainable catch for their livelihood.

Oceana’s new Peru office is urgently advocating for the government to institute science-based catch limits before it’s too late.

Donate before midnight on Saturday to support Oceana in Peru’s pressing work to protect the anchoveta fishery >>

Sea lions, dolphins and other ocean animals need food, and we’re taking too much of it from them. Up to 98 percent of Peru’s annual anchoveta catch is inefficiently reduced to fish oil and fishmeal products used as feed for animals rather than eaten as is.

By changing how we think about small fish like anchoveta, we can provide healthy meals for millions of the world’s poorest people and leave enough in the ocean for sea lions to thrive.

Dr. Majluf has been working to create a more sustainable future for anchoveta for years. Now with Oceana, she and her team are on the verge of a major break-through.

Be a part of restoring our oceans by making change in the world’s largest fishing nation with a donation now >>

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